Hi Chris,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your prompt reply and follow up.

Can appreciate it was very short notice! We all enjoyed the venue in Albert Park and the staff there were so lovely and extremely helpful.

Thanks again,
Amanda A


Hi Kim,

Your service has been fantastic. I had a look at a few places from that list and The one in South Yarra fits my expectations perfectly. It has been so much easier than I imagined thanks to your help.

Thanks so much,
Maria M


Hi Chris,

We used your service for the first time this year, having previously stumbled our way thru varying degrees of successful Company Christmas Parties for the last 7 years. The suggestions, tips and advice that you provided were a huge benefit to us….we had never heard of or considered some of the venues that you recommended…when we contacted them they were very prepared for our enquiry and went to great lengths to assist.

I am very pleased to say that we have made a booking at one of your recommended venues and have followed your tips…and are very confident of the best Christmas party yet this year!

Thanks very much for this previously unknown but now heavily valued service!

Anthony B


Hi Chris

I have chosen a venue that you highly recommended to us. We chose it because it have everything that we needed: spacious; couches; bar with tap beer; tables; dance floor and outside smoking area. It also has a projector and a microphone – easy to organise everything.  And I was so happy that they offer free room hire. Thanks for your help, I wouldn’t have found this place otherwise.

Steph M


Hi Mel

First I would like to say a MASSIVE HUGE THANK YOU WOW , what an amazing job you guys do !! I have got the list of XMAS venues and will be going through it more over the next few days. I will keep you posted.

Thank you once again

Grace K


Dear Kim

Thanks a heap for all the venues for our Christmas Party that you sent me to have a look at. I really like the look of the first venue in the CBD you sent and we are off to have a look at this venue this week. Thanks for all your help and the tips that you have been sending me. It has made what I would consider a tiresome job into something enjoyable.

Tania A